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CAS International Network Ltd is a network of accounting and consulting firms serving a wide range of clients. Each member firm in CAS International Network Ltd is an independent legal entity in its own territory. Member firms have access to the expert team of professional business advisors and provide the well thought and result oriented solutions for clients.



To be Globally-Recognised Accountants and Advisors committed to providing Excellent Client Services.



 To develop, support and monitor quality and expertise among the member firms consistent with global
    best practice in the accountancy profession.

 To establish, promote and share human capital development within CAS International.

 To assist the growth objectives of Member Firms.


Our Values

 Integrity is fundamental in our entire value supply chain.

 We are committed to continue maintaining professional knowledge and skills at required levels to ensure
   our clients receive competent professional services based on current developments in practice and

   Corporate Social Responsibility
 Commitment to social responsibility shall be embedded into our professional services supply chain.


Objective of CAS International

 To establish a network of qualified national and international accounting and consulting firms, each
   representing a specific area of expertise/geographical zone.

 To facilitate and provide a liaison point between member firms so as to obtain advice on matters affecting
   clients and the accountancy profession as a whole.

 To facilitate referral of professional work on an exclusive basis between member firms.

 To coordinate and assist in strategic marketing and resource sharing among the member firms.

 To facilitate and promote human resource development and management among the member firms.