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Taxation Services

Our taxation services are designed to help clients to tap into today's competitive business as well as fiscal environment through effective tax planning and maximization of tax incentives while maintaining regulatory compliance. We offer a whole range of professional tax services as listed below:


Our taxation services department is led by a team of experienced professionals striving to assist our clients in the area of tax compliance. Some of our services include the submissions of income tax and real property gains tax returns as well as applications for service tax licences, tax incentives, exemptions etc. Our staff is committed to continuous professional development so they are well equipped to convey to our clients the latest tax knowledge when preparing various returns under the present SAS regime. This knowledge is crucial since a tax return that is filed on behalf of our corporate client to the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) is considered final and conclusive.


In the rapid changing tax legislation environment under the SAS, it is important that companies are aware of the various potential tax benefits made available by the government and the availability of alternative business / tax solutions. We aim to excel in the area of tax planning to minimize the cost of doing business and therefore, optimizing business competencies as well as efficiencies.


Tax Investigation
In the event that a field audit, in the opinion of the tax officer, is unsatisfactory, the field audit officer will refer such cases to the tax investigation unit of the IRB. Since the government has set a target to conduct field audit on 50,000 companies per annum, incidents for referral to the tax investigation unit are not unusual. We understand what such clients have to go through and hence can provide support in the dealings with the IRB's investigation officers and assist the clients in dealing with the issues raised in the process. We also take directives from clients to negotiate the settlement with the government over these back duty investigations. This will lead to the issuance of a composite assessment in most instances.


Spot Audit
We provide a simulation process akin to field audit to determine the robustness of an entity's financial and other records when they are eventually subjected to the actual field audit at a later stage. This will enable clients to mitigate their exposure to adverse tax findings due to possible managerial over-sight.